Author: Michael Higgins

What are the essential components to create a summer song that is on fire!

Every year we have tons of new music to choose from. The entertainment industry has been consistent when it comes to popping out a song that are catchy and they usually do it during the summer so everyone gets to hear it more often. How many times have you caught yourself humming or singing a song from Britney Spears, Shakira or Beyoncé even though you are a hardcore metal or rapper? The thing is most of these songs have a formula and they are made to perfection, and not only that the social effect of the song is being...

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Why has the 2017 VMA failed to achieve new heights

As some of you might have noticed the 2017 VMA did not live up to its expectations when it comes to pulling in the viewership numbers. Last year they made a nice round 6.5 million views, but this year they took a dip and landed on only 5.8. That is almost a million fewer viewers and the organizers are well aware of the situation, although they are not sure what to do as they are desperately trying to grow their viewership. It’s true that in this day and age it’s not just enough to create a compelling tv program...

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