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guitar player

Bryce Mcnabb


Bryce is a magician more than he is a musician. When he is behind his guitar the sound that he makes can directly touch your soul. Beware of him as the various sounds that he can blend in with his sound will remind you of Elvis and Ed Sharam at the same time.

Marquis grew up in Manhattan and for him, the saxophone was his way of expressing his emotions. Ever since he started performing in the clubs Marquis was hard to reach as he was always booked to the max.
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Our Artist

saxophone player

Marquis Schmitz

An Introduction To
Our Artist

Jamika Dutton


Jamika has a voice of an angel. When you pair her singing with the guitar that she brings with herself on many songs. It’s like Alicia Keys had found her new rival.

We consistently strive to provide the best and freshest news when it comes to the music industry. With our blogs, we tend to touch the lives of many future potential performers and also to offer a platform where we can discuss many changes that happen on a daily basis in the music industry and the lives of the performers.
What are the essential components to create a summer song that is on fire!

What are the essential components to create a summer song that is on fire!

Every year we have tons of new music to choose from. The entertainment industry has been consistent when it comes to popping out a song that are catchy and they usually do it during the summer so everyone gets to hear it more often. How many times have you caught yourself humming or singing a song from Britney Spears, Shakira or Beyoncé even though you are a hardcore metal or rapper?

The thing is most of these songs have a formula and they are made to perfection, and not only that the social effect of the song is being taken advantage of at the same time. For instance, during the winter time, people are inside their home, not prone to discovering new things and are usually content with the things they did and learned during the summer. But in the summer, everyone is easy and outgoing and more accepting of new things and experiences. That is one of the reasons why big hits fall in the summertime as more people are going to be listening to the radio in their car and more people will just play something in the background while they are enjoying a swim or some other fun activity. This is e perfect time to produce a hit that will turn itself into a worm that will burrow itself down your brain and stay there until next year.

But the big question is what are the main ingredients to create a popular song?

While there is not one de-facto reason, we will name a few of them that should always be present in every summer hit

The dance factor

While the very song has its way of presenting a story, each and every one of them has a lot of buzzes that will get people dancing. A song should have both some soul, but a song without all the right elements that will not make you jump out of your seat to dance. More often than not lyrics are not the most important part but the flow and the repeating part where you burst out with energy is.

Light lyrics

notesWhile a good rap song has amazing lyrics in it, a pop song is not built up to tell a detailed story. A song can be catchy and still tell a story, just not a long one. For instance, a girl loved a boy they broke up and now she wants to have some fun. A short story builds up with lighthearted lyrics around that theme can reach astronomical levels of popularity during the summer.

Romance and happiness

Don’t forget that every hit song does not tell a sad story, but in fact, most of them are either romantic where somebody confesses their love or a happy one where the positive energy will be passed down to the listener.


Once you hit that sweet spot with the lyrics and the riff, all you need to do is repeat the Cathy part two more times and the song is instantly burrowed itself into everyone’s brain. The repetition should be handled with care as too much will make the song sound boring, and too little will be forgotten pretty fast for a new summer hit.

Why has the 2017 VMA failed to achieve new heights

Why has the 2017 VMA failed to achieve new heights

As some of you might have noticed the 2017 VMA did not live up to its expectations when it comes to pulling in the viewership numbers. Last year they made a nice round 6.5 million views, but this year they took a dip and landed on only 5.8. That is almost a million fewer viewers and the organizers are well aware of the situation, although they are not sure what to do as they are desperately trying to grow their viewership. It’s true that in this day and age it’s not just enough to create a compelling tv program as in the modern age of technology you have to be everywhere at the same time. What we mean by this is that the VMA has to start focusing their attention on the social media platforms. But the strange thing is, they have been, and not just recently, they have been doing that for a couple of years. But, here is the kicker, their social media is also not growing. Stagnation is hitting the VMA on both fronts and they are struggling to recover as they constantly try new things to capture the average viewer.

They might be in a tough spot, but they have confidently stated that next year they will do better. The September 2017 VMA might have had a hiccup on the road that they could not have accounted for, and that is a stiff online competitor when it comes to traction. See, it’s not just about creating something special and throwing content on tv has never been hard, but if you want to make it big on the online platform you have to remember that putting a show to air at the same time something else does, it might create competition where there was no competition before.

What we are talking about is, of course, the Game of Thrones new season that has managed to pull in a bigger crowd than the VMA has gathered in two years. Game of Thrones has had a huge following online and the traction each episode attracts is staggering. During the VMA the retweets and other shootouts to the VMA reached a whopping 3.8 million, while the behemoth that is the Game of Thrones managed to stack an impressive 4.2 million tweets. If we compare that to the last year where the VMA had more than 13 million interactions online, which does include Facebook and twitter, this year the three million is a drop of about 65% which is huge!

So, what is the problem?

With all the data we can be sure that the fact of the matter is that the numbers for viewers this year was low, and it is in our honest opinion that part of the reason why they were so low is that the big names were missing this year from the VMA. Artists like Jay Z, Beyoncé, Kanye and even Rihanna were not there. However, the big talk of the night was the Khalid and Alessia Cara’s amazing performance of “1–800–273–8255”.

Next year they might want to stay out of politics and invite more prominent names to at least appear for a few minutes.

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